Garden Centre


“The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.”
Gertrude Jekyll
Here at Earthworx, we like to believe that gardening is simple. One of the easiest ways to have a beautiful, no fuss garden is allowing it to do its thing, naturally! We stock a variety of plants that, with guidance from our expert team to best match plants to your environment, will thrive in your garden. Allowing you to enjoy your space without spending hours and hours perfecting it. 
We also pride ourselves on our authenticity. When it comes to guiding you, we use an honest and straightforward approach because our goal is to beautify and create sustainable healthy gardens. 

At the garden centre, you will find a variety of indigenous and exotic trees, succulents, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, herbs and vegetables. We also have garden accessories (such as pots, ornaments and water features) and gardening implements on offer. Whether you are a dedicated gardener with green fingers or a gardening beginner, there is something for everyone at Earthworx. 


“Such a wonderful garden centre in Hout Bay. I love the layout andthe range of stock. Their Gardena room is well appointed and there was stock here that is not seen elsewhere. The garden centre owner Gwen is attentive and most informative and knowledgeable. The orange uniform makes the staff very visible and we loved the nursery cat socks.”
Richard Morris
“Perfect party venue for little botanists and earth lovers. Gwen and team were most accommodating to our specific dietary needs. Kids loved it!”
Devash Govender 
“Absolutely stunning nursery with the most helpful staff.”
Kevin Alexander 
“Superb floral surroundings.Priced right with variety.
Tranquil under shady trees despite it being a busy Saturday morning.
Dream playground for children.
Interesting shoppe that even sells hats.
Extensive brekkie / lunch menu.
Restaurant offers delightful frothy cappuccinos with cupcakes to match.”
Daphne Sargent 
“Great friendly service and selection. Was very impressed. Will be back soon.”
James Black
“Amazing plants, insightful plant care advice, great atmosphere.”
Kathryn Byrnes 


Escape the city and join us for a tranquil stroll through the garden.
After all, gardening is the cheapest form of therapy and plants are great listeners!